How To Set Up Instagram Landing Page

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Do you need an Instagram landing page in your website?

This feature will enable you to create links to important pages for your social media visitors. It is similar to linktree and will keep visitors on your website. See an example before. This can is a perfect Instagram landing page.

Tesh Social landing page
Example page from Tesh Theme

Step by step guide to set up your links page:

Set Up Links Page

  1. Create a page and give it any name of your choice.
  2. Set up a permalink (links, hello, welcome) – keep it short. Your page URL will be “” if you use “links” as your permalink.
  3. Under “Page Attributes,” change the template to “Social Landing Page.” (very important).

Adding Clickable Thumbnail and Title

  1. Login to your admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Customize.
  2. In the customizer page, navigate to Theme Options » Social Landing Page.
  3. Upload any  image of your choice. We recommend you use a square shaped image 150*150 px.
  4. Add a title of your choice, preferably, one of your social handles.
  5. Add a URL (without https://) to make the thumbnail and title clickable. You could link to your most desired social media account.

Setting Up Links Social Landing Page Links with Menu

ChicPixies themes use the menus to enable links in social landing page. The social page is preinstalled with the default menu of your website. But, you can assign or create a new menu for your social page. Simply follow the steps below;

Set up Links Menu from Admin Dashboard

  1. From your admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance » Menus.
  2. In the menus page, create a new menu and assign it to “Social Landing Page.”
  3. You can add custom links, pages, posts, categories and tags.

Set up Links Menu in Customizer Page

  1. In the customizer page, navigate to Menus.
  2. Create a new menu if you don’t want to use any of the existing menus.
  3. Give your menu a name.
  4. For menu location, tick “Social Landing Page” and click next.
  5. Click on “+ Add Items” and add links to your menu. You can add custom links, pages, posts, categories and tags.
  6. Once done, publish or continue setting up the “Theme Options.

Setting Up Social Follow Buttons

  1. We have preinstalled follow buttons in the social page, but you can choose to activate or deactivate them.
  2. Click on Show to activate the follow buttons or hide to deactivate them. How to set up global follow buttons for your site.

Style Links and Social Buttons

Spice up your social landing page with different button styles. You can choose from any of the 3 button styles we’ve made available for you.

  • No style
  • Border
  • Filled – default for most themes.

You can easily preview and choose from any of the selections.

Adding Latest Posts

If your theme comes with the “Latest posts” option in the social landing page follow the simple set to set it up

  • In your social landing page customizer section, scroll down to see “recent posts
  • click on “show” to activate or “hide” to deactivate it.
  • Preview your site to see the changes. Default is set to show.

That’s all!

If you followed the steps above, you will have a beautiful links page for your social platforms.